Beaver Tailwater Dec 21

Another nice morning fishing the Beaver Tailwaters.  Conditions were same as yesterday, low 40’s, overcast, but with a very occasional wind.  The wind would pick up for a few minutes every once in awhile and man did it get cold for those short period of times. I tried fishing the stretch up from the Betrand boatContinue reading “Beaver Tailwater Dec 21”

Beaver Tailwaters Dec 20th

Nice morning fishing the Beaver Tailwaters.  Temp was in the low 40’s, but felt very comfortable as there wasn’t any wind.  Overcast all morning with a misting fog for the first hour. Fish were a little finicky this morning, didn’t really seem to key on anything to strong. Black, Purple and Olive Zebra Midges did fairlyContinue reading “Beaver Tailwaters Dec 20th”

Beaver Tailwaters – Dec 13, 2014

Another great December morning to fish.  The weather was nice this morning with temperatures in the very comfortable mid 50’s with no wind and overcast. I started off with the morning with the trusty ole black zebra midge and started catching almost immediately.  After several netted fish, I switched to the copper midge and rusty midge and did prettyContinue reading “Beaver Tailwaters – Dec 13, 2014”

Fishing Beaver Tailwaters Dec 6, 2014

After taking a couple weekends off for vacation with the family, it was a great day fishing today on my home turf of the Beaver Tailwaters.  The temp was a nice and cool 45 degrees with a on and off again strong breeze from the north. Fished just down from the upper handicap access to theContinue reading “Fishing Beaver Tailwaters Dec 6, 2014”

Cold Day Fishing – Beaver Tailwaters Nov 14

With snow in the forecast and the temperature starting at a frigid 27 degrees, that was still not going to stop me from getting a little fly fishing in this Saturday morning.  I thought about fishing many times throughout the work week and on my way from work Wednesday evening I had even convinced myself thatContinue reading “Cold Day Fishing – Beaver Tailwaters Nov 14”

Fishing Beaver Tailwaters Nov 8th

After a rough weekend last week due to the early and long generation schedule and a tough/long week at work, I was itching to get out there and catch some fish this weekend. I got up and was at the Beaver Tailwaters just a little after 7am.  I decided to try a new section IContinue reading “Fishing Beaver Tailwaters Nov 8th”

Purple Zebra Midge

The Purple Zebra Midge is an excellent pattern to use on Norfork all times of the day. I’ve caught fish until I was tired using this pattern. I’ve had marginal success with it on Beaver Tailwaters. UTC 140 purple thread on size 16 hook, silver tungsten bead head and silver ribbing. Have several of theseContinue reading “Purple Zebra Midge”

P&P Zebra Midge

Proven pattern that seems to work well when the sun is high. Developed on the waters of Taneycomo by manager Shannon at River Run Outfitters, but I found it works well on Beaver Tailwaters as well. Tied on size 16 hook. Lt. Cahill 6/0 thread. Copper tungsten bead and copper wire. Pearl tinsel on topContinue reading “P&P Zebra Midge”