Fly Fishing Health Benefits

There are tons of articles, pictures, videos and social media posts about fly fishing pertaining to where to fish, how to fish, what species to fish for and when to fish for locations around the world. What you don’t see as often is what are the benefits of fly fishing. I’m referring to the healthContinue reading “Fly Fishing Health Benefits”

Learn To Fly Fish This Year

Fly fishing can seem intimidating, but with proper teaching and guidance by NWATROUT Fly Fishing as your guide, you will learn and experience the basics of fly fishing and create memories that will last a lifetime. ALL experience levels are welcomed and you can fish solo or with your family, friend or loved one. IContinue reading “Learn To Fly Fish This Year”

Mountain Biking and Fly Fishing

Mountain biking in Bentonville and all around Northwest Arkansas is absolutely epic. There are trails for all experience levels across the different parks. Most of the local bike shops also rent top level bikes. Add a fly fishing trip to your itinerary for a great vacation. A 1/2 day guided fly fishing trip on theContinue reading “Mountain Biking and Fly Fishing”

Third Season Guiding – Fly Fishing

As I finish my third summer in 2019 of being a fly fishing guide I wanted to reflect on my experiences thus far. I really guide all year, but consider Labor Day the end of summer like many. Since beginning this journey of officially being a fly fishing guide in Northwest Arkansas, I have learnedContinue reading “Third Season Guiding – Fly Fishing”

Buffalo River – March 2019 -Centerpoint Trail

I always love a trip to the Buffalo National River located in North Central Arkansas just south of Harrison. It is a real outdoor jewel in our area and so thankful for all the hard and deliberate work that went in to keep this River from being dammed up decades ago. There are several differentContinue reading “Buffalo River – March 2019 -Centerpoint Trail”

First Anniversary Fly Fishing Guide

In August I officially completed a calendar year of being a fly fishing guide in Northwest Arkansas. I primarily fish the White River below Beaver Lake Dam, but occasionally guide in Missouri at Roaring River. While I completed my first calendar year, I’m in my second season of guiding and I have loved every momentContinue reading “First Anniversary Fly Fishing Guide”