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Hi, my name is Erik, and I live, work and fish in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). I started as a fly fishing guide in the Summer of 2017 and have loved every moment of it. I fish for trout on the White River below Beaver Lake which is called the Beaver Tailwaters. It is 10 miles west of Eureka Springs. I also fish at Roaring River just across the border near Cassville, Missouri.

I have fished all my life in some fashion, but the environment trout tend to live draws me in. I grew up in Arizona and my family would camp every summer in the White Mountains near Show Low to escape the oppressive heat. Here we would run wild through the forest and fish for trout in the small streams and lakes scattered about. I loved the landscape, I loved the tactics we used to catch trout and I loved the freedom we had to explore.

In 1996 I moved to Northwest Arkansas to start my corporate career. When I learned I could trout fish on the White River or at Roaring River I knew I was in paradise. I spent most of my time fishing with lures with ultra light spinning rods at this time. Each time I went out fishing I would see people fly fishing and would watch them with curiosity wondering is that something I should try.

In 2008 I finally decided to start fly fishing because it looked so interesting and it was a new challenge to persue. So I bought a fly fishing kit and went to work trying to figure it out. I fell in love with fly fishing. There is something peaceful and fulfilling about a perfect cast, and a nice drift of a fly and sweet hook set to bring in a trout. Over the years I had gotten pretty good and started taking friends out to learn how to fly fish. Then I thought could I do this with complete strangers. So in 2017 I signed up with the local fly shop to start taking clients out for them and haven’t regretted it one bit. It has been a GREAT experience.

I love fly fishing and love sharing my adventures with others. Hope to hear from you soon to book a fly fishing trip in Northwest Arkansas.

Learn more about my AZ trout fishing upbringing here.

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