Beaver Tailwaters Dec 20th


042-001 033-002

Nice morning fishing the Beaver Tailwaters.  Temp was in the low 40’s, but felt very comfortable as there wasn’t any wind.  Overcast all morning with a misting fog for the first hour.

Fish were a little finicky this morning, didn’t really seem to key on anything to strong. Black, Purple and Olive Zebra Midges did fairly well.  Olive sub-mirco Jig and Black sub-micro jig produced, but pretty slow.

Fish were slurping at the surface pretty strong starting about 9:30.  I tried one sub surface midge, but didn’t get any action.

Had 2 deer come right to the waters edge right in front of us, about 50 feet away. That was fun to watch them watch us.


Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


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