Beaver Tailwater Dec 21

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Another nice morning fishing the Beaver Tailwaters.  Conditions were same as yesterday, low 40’s, overcast, but with a very occasional wind.  The wind would pick up for a few minutes every once in awhile and man did it get cold for those short period of times.

I tried fishing the stretch up from the Betrand boat access.  The fish were a little finicky this morning through this stretch.  I managed a couple bites and caught one on the black sub-mirco midge. I fished my way up stream 1/4 mile or so and really didn’t catch any fish until I hit the pool were the water gets to shallow to navigate a boat.  The P&P midge seemed to be the best producer, but it was pretty weak.  I threw just about every color midge I had, and couldn’t manage to catch more than one on any single color except for the P&P. On my way back down I decided to bounce a tan San Jaun worm and a Y2K egg pattern.  When I was nearly back to were my truck was, I landed a really nice brown trout.  Man does that get you excited and quickly forget how rough of a morning it had been when you catch a nice fish.  I hadn’t caught a single brown the last few weeks and I managed two today.  The other brown I caught was a little guy around 10 inches.

I have found that I need to use a better quality hook on my flies.  I bought some Saber hooks in my last batch because they were so inexpensive, but they bend way to easy.  I’ve lost more fish lately than I ever had and after losing a nice rainbow this morning, I observed the hook and found it was bent out.  I hate paying the brand name price for hooks, but there is a reason why they fetch a premium price.  Lesson learned.

Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


Published by nwatrout

Fly Fishing Guide on the White River below Beaver Lake Dam, also known as Beaver Tailwaters. Located 10 miles west of Eureka Springs, AR or 30 miles east of Rogers, AR and Bentonville, AR off Hwy 62.

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