Beaver Tailwater Dec 21

fishing 002-002

fishing 017-001

fishing 028-001

Another nice morning fishing the Beaver Tailwaters.  Conditions were same as yesterday, low 40’s, overcast, but with a very occasional wind.  The wind would pick up for a few minutes every once in awhile and man did it get cold for those short period of times.

I tried fishing the stretch up from the Betrand boat access.  The fish were a little finicky this morning through this stretch.  I managed a couple bites and caught one on the black sub-mirco midge. I fished my way up stream 1/4 mile or so and really didn’t catch any fish until I hit the pool were the water gets to shallow to navigate a boat.  The P&P midge seemed to be the best producer, but it was pretty weak.  I threw just about every color midge I had, and couldn’t manage to catch more than one on any single color except for the P&P. On my way back down I decided to bounce a tan San Jaun worm and a Y2K egg pattern.  When I was nearly back to were my truck was, I landed a really nice brown trout.  Man does that get you excited and quickly forget how rough of a morning it had been when you catch a nice fish.  I hadn’t caught a single brown the last few weeks and I managed two today.  The other brown I caught was a little guy around 10 inches.

I have found that I need to use a better quality hook on my flies.  I bought some Saber hooks in my last batch because they were so inexpensive, but they bend way to easy.  I’ve lost more fish lately than I ever had and after losing a nice rainbow this morning, I observed the hook and found it was bent out.  I hate paying the brand name price for hooks, but there is a reason why they fetch a premium price.  Lesson learned.

Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


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