Beaver Tailwaters Dec 27th

fishing 016-001 fishing 011-001 fishing 008-002

Great morning fishing in the cold and freezing rain.  Fishing was pretty productive with several different midge patterns.  Good midges were Black with silver, Black with copper, White with red thorax, Blue dun, Purple, and Rootbeer.  Sub-micro jigs in white and olive were productive as well.  Caught around 30 fish in about 4 hours.

Weather was cold in the mid 30’s with a on and off light drizzle. No wind for the most part so it didn’t feel to bad.  Fished the middle section of the restricted fishing zone.

I mentioned before that I wear pop-top neoprene mittens for fishing in these conditions.  They are by far the best gloves I have found for keeping your hands from freezing.  I usually keep the right hand pulled back so I can hold and feel the fly rod better, but I put the cover on my left hand when I’m not tying a fly on.  The pocket of air in the left hand really keeps your hand comfortable.  By the end of the trip the left glove is soaking wet, but it continues to keep you comfortable.  I’m not saying they are warm and toasty, but they make the trip very bearable.

Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


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