Lake Keith in Cave Springs, AR is back, kinda.



Spent Sunday exploring Lake Keith in Cave Springs, AR and learning more on the history of this interesting place. So neat to find out they used to have a small trout hatchery there over 100 years ago at the mouth of the cave spring. One small raceway with a couple different sections is all they used to raise trout.

I started of by wetting a line a little by running a couple spinners and a small marabou jig around a couple different areas. I didn’t see any action and I didn’t see any aquatic animals of any kind. They completely drained the lake this summer to renovate the park and turn a once private piece of land into a public education park. It doesn’t appear they have stocked the lake since refilling it. Still fun to get out and explore a little.

Read more about the new life of Lake Keith here.

Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!

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