Back to wade fishing

Seems like forever since I’ve been able to wade fish my home waters of Beaver Lake Tailwaters on the White River. We’ve had lots of water everywhere since May so the water has been too deep to wade fish. I took a couple trips down the White River in a homemade canoe and made a couple trips down the river in a bass boat. So not like I completely abondoned my water for nearly 5 months, but it’s not the same.  

I have spent lots of time over at Roaring River in Missouri learning how to fly fish the dry fly. I had lots of issues learning when to set the hook and how to set the hook without snapping the 7x line. I had lots of frustrating outings and felt like I was feeding the fish $2 flies. I finally got it figured out. I also found a great Caddis pattern that I tie that works really well. Dry Fly fishing is so much fun and is now my favorite kind of fishing. 

Here’s a short video of my fishing turf. 

Beautiful Roaring River. 

Catfishing fun on Beaver Lake. 

My favorite Caddis pattern 

Beaver Lake Tailwaters jig fishing from boat. 

Beaver Lake at Monte Ne

Beaver Lake Tailwaters  
Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


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Fly Fishing Guide on the White River below Beaver Lake Dam, also known as Beaver Tailwaters. Located 10 miles west of Eureka Springs, AR or 30 miles east of Rogers, AR and Bentonville, AR off Hwy 62.

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