Greenleaf State Park

Spent the weekend fishing with family at Greenleaf State Park down by Muskogee Oklahoma. Very nice facility with ample camping spots, clean bathrooms and showers, swimming pool, nature center, marina, boat rentals, etc…..

Our target fish was catfish for this trip. I was locked and loaded with many rods and baits to do battle. Bad news is we only landed two catfish in four days. About 3 pounders. I couldn’t believe we couldn’t trick a few more catfish onto our hook. We tried worms, liver, shrimp both raw and cooked, cut fish, live fish, corn flake dough bait and then we tried them with cherry kool-aid added and WD-40. Also tried the slip bobber. 

We were able to slay the bream between 6p and 8p with worms. Before and after that you could barely get one to notice you. 

Despite the bad fishing, It was such a great weekend to spend quality time with relatives. 

Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


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