P&P Zebra Midge

Proven pattern that seems to work well when the sun is high. Developed on the waters of Taneycomo by manager Shannon at River Run Outfitters, but I found it works well on Beaver Tailwaters as well. Tied on size 16 hook. Lt. Cahill 6/0 thread. Copper tungsten bead and copper wire. Pearl tinsel on topContinue reading “P&P Zebra Midge”

Rusty Brown Zebra Midge

Here’s a proven pattern of the Rusty Brown Zebra Midge. Size 16 hook with copper tungsten bead and copper wire. UTC 140 Rusty Brown thread. Very effective on Beaver Tailwaters as well as Norfork. In early October I caught probably 15-20 trout in and hour on the Norfork with this fly. Over half of theContinue reading “Rusty Brown Zebra Midge”

Fishing Nov1

First cold morning fishing opportunity of the year, with temps in the mid 20’s.  I checked the generation schedule using the link below: http://www.swpa.gov/generationschedules.aspx Found they were planning on generating from 7am to 11am for the Beaver Tailwaters, labeled as #11 across the top of the list, which means they start around 6am, and willContinue reading “Fishing Nov1”