Hi, my name is Erik, and I live, work and fish in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). I started as a fly fishing guide in the Summer of 2017 and have loved every moment of it. I primarily fish for trout on the White River below Beaver Lake which is called the Beaver Tailwaters. I also fish at Roaring River just across the border in Missouri.

I have fished all my life in some fashion, but the environment the trout tend to live draws me in. I love the flowing water of a river or creek and I love the tactics used to catch trout. I started fly fishing in 2008 because it looked so interesting and it was a new challenge to peruse. So I bought a kit and went to work trying to figure it out. I fell in love with fly fishing. There is something peaceful and fulfilling about a perfect cast, and a nice drift of a fly and sweet hook set to bring in a trout.

I love fly fishing, love tying flies and love sharing my adventures. Hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy!

You can follow me on all social media platforms, search NWATROUT.

Happy Fishing and Stay Trout Tough!


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