This blog is maintained me, Erik, and I live and work in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). I primarily fish for trout on the White River, Beaver Tailwaters, below Beaver Lake as its close in proximity to where I live. It takes about 40 min from door to fish.  I love to also fish the Norfork Tailwaters as well as the Bull Shoals Tailwaters.  These are all part of the White River water system ( Norfork is actually part of the North Fork River, but flows into the White River).

I also enjoy fishing for Catfish, Bass, White Bass, and Crappie, but my main interest is the pursuit of Trout.

I’m a self taught fly fisherman that has been honing the craft for over 10 years.  I have fished nearly all of life in some form or fashion.  So I love to fish.

I started tying my own flies in Dec 2013 and again am self taught. I’ve watched countless “how to” You Tube videos, searched tons of websites, and spoken to many veteran tiers in the area to learn the art.  It’s a fun and rewarding hobby to have.

I love fly fishing, love tying flies and love sharing my adventures. Enjoy!

Happy Fishing and stay Trout Tough!


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